Glen Glasper, AKA (affectionately known as), MrDollarOutofaDime is an
author, motivational speaker and business coach. Glen has over 10
years of experience as an entrepreneur involved in real estate investing,
internet marketing, network marketing and other small business

As a result of the real estate meltdown in 2008, he decided to reinvent
himself and try something new. Because of his background in
computers an information technology; Glen began a career in internet
marketing and has since used this new talent to take his real estate

investment to the world wide web.

After seeing so many people lose their jobs as a result of the economic downturn, Glen developed a passion
to help people become financially independent by helping them to create multiple streams of income. It has
become his mission to help “at least” 100 families to become financially independent through education and

It was out of this passion and mission that he wrote the book Making Money with Little or No Money (or not
even your own money). He then became known to those individuals that he’s coached as
“MrDollarOutofaDime”. He has since influenced multiple individuals from around the country to start many
successful businesses.

Glen is also the President and Founder of Something for The Brothers, Inc., a men’s organization that is
dedicated to helping men become better men.

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